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We recycle old gadgets, jewellery, stamps, and more...

Donate and recycle at reSource

Who can recycle what with reSource?

Individuals, households

reSource can accept clean, dry, non toxic items. reSource can arrange collection, or items can be brought to reSource.

Some items are not reusable so we are operating recycling schemes, this helps to keep items out of landfill and raises funds for reSource and other good causes. 


reSource is part of the Recycling for Good Causes Scheme and can collect the following items in any condition:

  • Mobile phones, laptops, games consoles, sat navs, cameras

  • Jewellery, including precious metals and fashion jewellery, broken items

  • Stamps any new used, foreign, and old stamps

  • Currency- any old, foreign, current

For more details and freepost printables click on the buttons bellow:



Donate and recycle at reSource

reSource also runs the Terracycle scheme. Schemes we are currently directly involved in are 

  • Burts Bees

  • LOL

  • Dishwashing/Cleaning 

We are also happy to accept other Terracycle items and we will pass onto a local organisation that is collecting that item. We will accept

  • Crisp packets

  • Cheese packets


If you have other items that you are wondering where to recycle or require advice please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Please help to recycle successfully by bagging up Terracycle items separately-ready to post to the most relevant terracycle programmes. reSource CIC can collect funds for these recycled items.

Businesses and Trades

reSource can accept clean, dry, non toxic items that are not reusable or not easily recyclable.Tthis helps to keep items out of landfill and raises funds for reSource and other good causes.

  1. By donating to reSource, reSource can help improve your eco-credentials as an environmentally aware business by sending items for reUse, rather than landfill or even recycling. 

  2. ​reSource can accept your clean, safe, non-toxic items, some examples are on the word cloud picture but if you have something else that you think may be of interest please contact us. 

  3. ​reSource can provide a box to businesses and trade to help separate items that would be useful and reusable by reSource, we can arrange a mutually convenient pick up or items can be delivered to reSource. 

  4. ​For businesses donating of items may also go some way to reducing refuse collection costs.

  5. reSource is a Natural Resources Waste Business waste carrier licensed. This license will be made available to businesses that donate. As a thankyou we will publish your details on our website and advertise your good environmental work. 


Furthermore keeping items in the system for longer, prevents the buying of new items and goes some way to supporting a Circular Economy, items used until their absolute end of life. 

List of items we accept, this is not exhaustive, please contact us if you have something else that you think may be of interest.

Get Involved!

Artist Making Jewelry

WOW programme

For anyone that is 16 years +, unemployed and identifies with having a disability and/or long term health condition.

Green House

Learning at reSource

Gardening, Leadership, Volunteering, Enterprise, Computing, etc.

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