Mair Davies

 Cae Dai Project Manager and Volunteer Coordinator.

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About Mair

I work at Cae Dai 5 days a week helping our wonderful volunteers who come to Cae Dai. We have a wide range of activities from gardening, crafting, up cycling, maintenance, and recycling at the centre and it's my job to help you find the right activity for you on any given day and make sure that you have all the equipment and support that you might need to achieve your goal.


We also offer a wide range of free courses and practical learning at ReSource from ASDAN Qualifications, computer literacy and digital buddies, Level 2 Peer Mentoring, safeguarding, and 1st aid to name just a few. It's my job to help you access these courses but also to assist you along the way.


At reSource we are all about sustainability, reuse, and recycling, which is why I came to work here, for years I have been working in my own little corner trying to do what I can to help safeguard against climate change so I’m so happy to be working at reSource because I feel that this offers a wider platform for me to help achieve this goal.


I can't sing, I can't dance and I’m probably not that funny but I’m afraid I don’t let that stop me.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.