Design A New

We are asking anyone who is interested to design us a new logo. 

We are a fairly new social enterprise and we are looking at getting our name out there. Recently we had the pleasure of taking part in a project in London that looked at reSource to see how they could improve our company. They suggested we need to get our marketing right, so what we would like is a new logo to rebrand and get our services out there. 

What are we looking for? It might help if you know a bit about reSource. We are inclusive, we support people with disabilities while being as eco-friendly as possible. We are a scrap store- taking on business and household donations, we have community gardens – run by volunteers, a plastics machine- we turn your plastics into wanted goods, a lending bus- you can loan goods from the bus, employment services- helping people with disabilities get employment, we run workshops and try and use as much as possible that has been donated which stops it going to landfill. We have an upcoming shop and a café on the way, predominately run by volunteers. 


So what’s in it for you? We will use your logo, so if you are a budding IT whizz this will look great on your cv, maybe you are an artist? A service user and passionate about what we do. We will obviously name you and you will get the credit for our new branding. This is open to any age and you can send it in any format, be it canva, or crayon we will be grateful for any suggestions. It can be dropped off at either site or sent via the website or Facebook page, just make sure it's before the cut-off date which is the 1st of August 2022.  

So here is our logo 


We like blues and we need something recognisable from a far. 

A Few Ideas

These are what we liked from the London companies to give you inspiration.  


IMG-2563 (1).PNG