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Situated at Cae Dai Lawnt, reSource operates an innovative plastics workshop space. In this space we are able to sort household plastics with a focus on difficult to recycle such as plant pots and seasonal items e.g. broken plastic sledges.  Then using processes of shredding and machines we can turn these plastics into other useful items.  

With this space our aim is to provide a space in which the local community can explore the precious properties of plastics. Promote reuse of plastics by demonstrating how our waste can be easily turned into another useful item. Promote reuse of items and where we have to get rid of items to  dispose of this responsibly.

reform plastics plastigua - ail lunio (3).png
reForm Plastics
Plastigau Ail-lunio

reForm Plastics Workshop

In our workshop we are working to create a number of items that we can sell locally, this helps us to keep our workshop space operating and to support our enterprise wide objectives of providing volunteering opportunities for individuals that may experience barriers to employment. As well as reuse, promoting wellbeing and developing confidence and skills is part of our work in contributing to a connected community.  

Future plans for the workshop:

  1. To practice our plastic reForming techniques to create a range of exciting saleable items.

  2. Offer workshop opportunities to members of the public in order that they can learn and experience plastics reForming.  

  3. Increase the number of adults we support in accessing the workshop space, to develop skills and confidence.

  4. Forge links with community and education settings, making our workshop mobile in order that we can engage a larger number of people.  

And of course...

We are always pondering over different processes, colours and machines we can use to create our next items

If you would like to learn more about our reForm Plastics Activities you can email reSource at, or speak with Andrea Nicholls on (phone number to be released later). Or take a look at our events guide to see what activities we have planned  

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